Prairie 9-Lite Custom – Hinged Swinging Screen Door

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Prairie 9-Lite Custom hinged swinging screen door is perfect for exterior front, side, and back doors of a house or an apartment building.  Above all, it’s reasonably priced and it’s durable quality makes it a superior product over imported box store brands.  Therefore, this great product is an amazing steal for the handyman, maintenance shops, and real estate house flippers.  Most importantly, keep insects out with the standard Phifer screening material in the most common Charcoal color.

Prairie 9-Lite hinged swinging screen door Features:

  • Extruded Corner Locks with 4 Screws Per Corner
  • 9″ .038 Diamond Embossed Kickplate
  • 4″ DLO (daylight opening)
  • 1-3/4″ Extruded Side and Bottom Channels
  • 3-Oilite Bearing Hinges Riveted to Channel
  • Wright Air Closer with Pushbutton Latch
  • Choice of fiberglass screen fabric
  • Engineered stile and rail construction

Prairie 9-Lite hinged swinging screen door Specifications;

Available finishes for the Prairie 9-Lite hinged swinging screen door;  Mill, Anodized, White, Bronze, Tan, Adobe, and Black.

Custom sizes; please provide us with your door opening size width x height in inches.

Frame: 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ x .055 Extruded frame.

Corners:  Double strength extrude corner locks with 4 screws per corner.

Kick plate: 9″ Diamond embossed kick plate.

Side Channels: 1 3/4″ Side and bottom adjustment channels.

Hinges:  3-Olite bearing hinges riveted to channel.

Package:  Protective packaging

Closer:  Pneumatic closer and latch.

How to install a Swinging Screen Door

In addition, the Prairie 9-Lite hinged swinging screen door cannot be cut down once made due to the custom nature of manufacturing. Therefore the Customer waives that BCS does not take responsibility for measurements.  In addition, the Customer is responsible for his or hers own measurements.  Likewise please provide door opening.  Similarly be sure sure to measure width in 3 places; at the top, middle and bottom.  As well as measure the height in two places; left and right sides.

Customers Comments:  “We love the Prairie 9-Lite Screen Doors that were installed in our house.  The design works out perfectly with our windows and doors that have the same grid design.  Best Custom Screens provided the product and we had our handyman install it for us.  Its all good!”

Color of Frame

Anodized, White, Bronze, Tan, Adobe, Black

1 review for Prairie 9-Lite Custom – Hinged Swinging Screen Door


    Prairie 9-Lite is a perfect solution for my front door. This was custom made Hinged Swinging Screen Door and it looks Pretty nice, durable quality and I have installed it very easily.

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