How to install cordless faux wood blinds

Steve Tristan explains and shows us how to install a Cordless Faux Wood Blind. Steve has nearly 30 years of experience installing blinds, shades, windows screens and screen doors.

Outline of key points of instructions

  • The cordless faux blind is installed outside mount “OM or outside bracket “OB”, onto the window molding.
  • A pilot hole is drilled before installing the brackets with the screws that are provided in the package.
  • The cordless faux wood blind is a safe for kids, child safe blind that complies with ANSI Safety Standards.
  • A decorative crown valance is installed over the top head rail of the blind.
  • All hardware is included.

The video was shot at a vacant duplex apartment unit in Glendale, CA, during the time of the pandemic of the COVID-19 Corona Virus. Our company is a part of the construction industry and is is installing window coverings and screening products in vacant units as well as at new construction jobs.

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