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Steve Tristan is an entrepreneur, director of operations, and marketing professional. He is the founder of Best Custom Screens,, JT Blinds, and Best Install Team.

Retractable screen door from Best Custom Screens

How Retractable Screen Doors Bring the Outside In

Only When You Want If you have a back deck, covered porch, or patio, you understand the joy of outdoor living. When you throw open the doors, your walls no longer bound your home. Your yard becomes an extension of your living space. You might grill out on summer nights while your family lounges, enjoying …

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How French Screen Doors Connect You to What’s Important

A door is more than just a door, especially when it’s a Best Custom Screens french screen door. Screen doors help keep the outside out without cutting us off from our communities. Imagine relaxing on your couch, the sounds drifting in of neighborhood children laughing and neighbors happily chatting, reminding you that you’re not alone. …

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Benefits of French Screen Doors

Informative article on french screen doors and their benefits. Includes how to installation video.

Tape Measure Comparison

Best Tape Measure Review. Secret Unveiled.

The best tape measure reviewed. Tricks and tips how to choose the best one. Tape Measure a very significant and historic invention was done in Sheffield, England.  James Chesterman first patented the spring tape measure in the year of 1829. His tape measure was the first one which had marked measurements In the evolution of …

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Screening Material: Protection and Peace of Mind

What would you say if we told you that you could find connection with your neighbors? An open and airy indoor environment? Protection from the outside? A happy, healthy home, and all rolled up in a bundle small enough to carry under your arm? It’s not some kind of miracle product, though it’s capable of …

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Watch “Columbus Ohio Handyman Jobs & Referrals” on YouTube

Columbus Ohio Handyman Jobs & ReferralsWatch this video on YouTube.Shielding your windows and doors – Best Custom Screens

Free Referrals for Handyman Jobs

Best Handyman Network Directory – Steve Tristan Expert discusses business listings & branding

Tape measure lesson

An easy way on how to read a tape measure with Aidan & Steve

My son Aidan and I go over the basics on how to read a tape measure. We find that many people make errors when measuring for their window screens and screen doors. Always measure twice and write down once. #tapemeasurehack


A Family, Their Dog, and His Favorite Screen Door

This is the story of a screen door. Seriously. And it’s a tearjerker. Screen doors aren’t commonly thought of as heroes, but for the Williams family, their sliding screen door with integrated doggy door has been a central feature of their lives. Baxter is the family’s labrador retriever, and he became an essential member of …

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COVID-19 Pandemic

10 Ways to Fight Boredom During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Corona Virus Epidemic Self Quarantine at Home

We live in unprecedented times. Not since the
1918 Spanish Flu pandemic has our country been faced with such difficult
decisions. I’m proud of our ability to come together to protect the most
vulnerable among us.

For instance, I started my first company nearly 20 years ago with a vision of improving people’s homes and their lives. Meanwhile we continue that tradition with Best Custom Screens & Blinds today, and we’re happy to do our part in this difficult time. 

So, you’re stuck at home. If you have kids, they’re stuck at home, too. Trying to keep everyone occupied can be a challenge. But you don’t have to give in to boredom. You don’t need to let sadness or fear rule your lives or home.

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