kleintools tape measure review

Klein Tools Tape Measure Review

Tape measure review by Steve Tristan Tape measure is a very common tool in our everyday life. This tool is used by almost every professional of every industry. From spaceship designer to automobile engineer, civil engineer to plumber, carpenter, handyman, fashion designer, interior designer, tailors there are so many to list who are using this …

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Ranked #1 worst city for mosquitoes is LA

Ranked #1 worst city for mosquitoes A rating by the pest management firm Orkin ranked the highest 50 mosquito-infested cities throughout the nation. It says that LA is ranked number 1 for mosquito beating out Atlanta, who was the top rank for seven consecutive years. It’s done on the variety of prospects who made mosquito calls …

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Top 7 reasons to upgrade to solar screens that ensure the energy efficiency of home.

Beat the heat this summer!!! Save the earth by reducing the usage of air conditioner additionally make your home remarkably aesthetic. Solar Screens stands out to serve the most to your home upgradation. Summer is knocking at the door while most of the property owners are looking for a solution to minimize the electricity bills …

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Hiring Handyman

Best Mobile Screens, America’s Best Online Screen Door Company is hiring handyman to install screen doors, window screens, blinds, and shades in the Greater Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita, and Inland Empire areas. For more information about our company please visit bestcustomscreens.com Requirements for Handyman: Construction, remodel experience. Finish work and pay attention …

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How to adjust sliding screen door

How to easily adjust sliding screen door height in 5 minutes.

During the pandemic the screen door purchases increased We suspect it is because of the stay home order. When people were staying at home they needed something to do. So they worked on their home. Making it a more livable and safe place. The panic was terrifying as thousands were getting killed by the savage …

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Buying Window Screens : What You Need to Know

Before Buying Window Screens, First thing you have to do is measuring. Best Custom Screens doesn’t just sell window screens and screen doors or doesn’t just do installations ; we have some expertise in giving solutions. We provide a variety of screen products and accessories that can do more for you. Regular screens provide us …

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Valentine day gift

Valentine Day Gifts Be like.

Valentine Day gifts!! Go out of the box..

Love is in air when February is the month. Everybody scratch their head and fascinate what they get something very special to the loved one. Some couples want to go out of the box to surprise their partner with something special.

We tried to cover todays article with complete new idea for valentines day gift which wont waste your money but both you and your loved one can enjoy many more years to come.

So why wait anymore!!! Let’s make this valentine more special and meaningful..

Sliding Screen Door Maintenance

Sliding Screen Door Maintenance

Maintenance on Sliding Screen Doors

Sliding screen doors  are good looking and functional but very delicate or weak in terms of durability. Most of the time they don’t glide smoothly on the track and the screens become torn very often, the door track becomes full of debris and and dirt etc. All those reason make the sliding screen door less durable and unsteady.

Sliding screen door maintenance consists of few steps. They are more or less like the following..

KD Kits for Sliding Screen Doors

What makes our DIY screen door kit so unique?

What makes our DIY screen door kit so unique?

Screen doors come in two types of configuration. Assembled and unassembled or partially assembled. Best Custom Screens partially assembled screen door kit is the easiest DIY kit available.


Best Custom Screens Announces Installation Service For All Types of Screen Doors and Window Screens.

Best Custom Screens Announces Installation Service.

Company decides to offer additional installation services throughout Southern, California. 

It’s been 18 years Best Custom Screens is providing screen door and window online. We pride ourselves for being able to maintain the quality and customer satisfaction. The production process follow the Total Quality Management, as a result we get a very nominal complaints from customers. In addition, Our top notch customer service makes the work easy and technical team dedicates to provide the very best quality service.

Keep your kids away from bugs. Window and door screens are must in your house. They keep bugs from crawling inside and ensure pure air circulation at your home.

Keep your kids away from bugs.

Keep your kids away from bugs

It’s summer time and we all are enjoying to it’s fullest. But Itchy red bites might seem like an inevitable part of this season. We swat, spray, or move away from bugs when they bug us but our kids and babies cant.

Most of the children have mild reactions to insect bites yet some become very sick. Moreover mosquitoes are a big headache as they spread dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, yellow fever, filariasis, tularemia, dirofilariasis and many more.

17 year anniversary of Best Custom Screens. We are proud to keep families healthy by providing the best custom screens.

17 year anniversary of Best Custom Screens

Best Custom Screens celebrates 17 year anniversary
Wow I can remember when I was seventeen years old.  Being a teenager is some of the best years of our lives.  Would you agree?

Screen Door

How to choose a screen door.

How do I pick a new screen door?

Screen door a very familiar thing for us. But it becomes so confusing when we are told to pick up the
right one for us in term of durability, price and aesthetics. Not all the doors play the are same.


Improving Indoor air quality.

How do I improve the air in my home?

In very subconscious mind we often think that outdoor air pollution can impact our health. Outside weather, the ground, waterways come first into our mind when we think about pollution. But indoor air pollution cause severe and significant health hazard. Indoor air pollution level is two to five time – sometimes hundred times higher. A survey shown that most people spend almost 90% of their time indoors.

Good Friday

Good Friday Our offices and call center is closed today for Good Friday. We will return on Monday. If you need to place an order please visit www.bestcustomscreens.com and if you have any questions please email us at bestcustomscreens@gmail.com . Thank you and God bless you all.

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