Zika Virus – found in United States

Zika Virus Warning

Zika Virus - found in United States! Zika Virus Warning and window screens!  Quality window screens and sliding screen doors on windows help prevent the spread of the Zika Virus!  This disease, discovered in the Zika forest in Uganda several decades ago. Is not just a problem in Africa and Asia, but throughout the world.  Also, it's now found in places in the Western Hemisphere meaning, near you, in the United States.  Pregnant women are especially advised to be cautious as the virus can cause Microcephaly!  This severe developmental disorder disrupts the growth of an infant’s brain giving them an abnormally small head!! Furthermore, Florida has experienced the most cases of the Zika virus in our country!  Zika Virus Warnings...

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The history of mosquito control and window screens

The history of mosquito control and window screens Window screens help reduce mosquito malaria.  Recently I have become very concerned with home owners and renters!  They have made a senseless decision to remove their window screens from their homes or apartment building windows. Just to save a couple of bucks!  You may ask: why am I so concerned with this?  Let me state that window screens will facilitate in saving many lives!  Window screens serve as a crucial function!  Let me share a couple of things that I actually discovered in my analysis.  It all has to do with flying insects (primarily mosquitoes) and the diseases they carry. For example diseases like the Zika Virus, Malaria, & West Nile Virus....

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