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Measuring Instructions Patio Sliding Screen Doors

How to do it yourself measuring instructions for the Economy Sliding Screen Doors at or

Measuring Instructions Patio Sliding Screen Doors.  The measuring instructions on this page are provided for when your patio sliding screen door is no longer on the property or at the location.  If you have an existing frame the is not bent, then we recommend to provide the existing frame size width by height.  Do not include wheels in the measurement (wheels are adjustable).

The most common widths are 36″ & 48″.  The more variation and critical measure is the height measurement.  Please refer to the instructions below for height measuring.

Always use a measuring tape with a blade width of minimum 1 Inch.  Typical Blade Material Steel, Case Type Closed, Graduations 1/16 In.  Stanley lock 25 ft. “the old diehard contractors tape” would do just fine.  I personally use and prefer a Stanley Fat Max 25 ft.  It work great for large window and door openings. 


Measuring Instructions for Sliding Screen Doors

This is a vertical cross sectional view of a typical patio door main frame head and sill (with patio sliding screen door also installed)

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